Send a Digital Impression

Sending a case to D&S Dental Lab is simple and efficient thanks to digital scanning technology. Find the name of your scanner below and expand for the instructions on how to add D&S as the default destination for your preferred device. We support all major digital scanning platforms, including Sirona CEREC®, the Align Technology iTero™, Carestream, E4D-Planmeca Planscan, 3M™ True Definition Scanner, and 3Shape’s TRIOS®.

- Create or Login to your CEREC Connect account
- Type “D&S” in the box for Company Name
- Click FIND
- Check the box to the bottom left for " D&S”
- Click ADD to complete the registration
Click here to find out how to add D&S to your favorites!
- Call 800-577-8767
- Select Option 1
- Request that D&S is added to your scanner and Identify our lab using our phone number: 608.849.5343 or 800.236.3859
- After D&S has been added, restart your scanner
- After connecting to us as a lab, select D&S on your scanner when sending files
- Go to in a web browser
- Connect with D&S as Lab by searching [email protected]
- After connecting to us as a Lab, select D&S when sending files
- Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249 select Option 3
- Select Option 1 and request D&S be added to your scanner
- 3M™ will then confirm with D&S and add connection remotely
- Select Find a lab option on your scanner
- Search for either D&S or [email protected]
- Add D&S
- Select D&S when submitting scans
- Visit Carestream Connect on your scanner
- Search for D&S
- Add D&S
- Select D&S when submitting scans raw STL files
- Email D&S at [email protected]