Lab to Lab Services

Lab to Lab Services

Save Time, Increase Profits and Expand Product Offerings with D&S Lab to Lab Services. We offer outsourcing for laboratories in all areas of lab work. Call for pricing and in-lab times.

Now offering discounted milling prices for 3Shape & Dental Wings users from your design file. Call for more information.

Lava Milling

As an Authorized Lava Milling Center, D&S Dental Laboratory provides the following services:
Lava Plus Copings or Frameworks – High Strength Zirconia Substructure Indicated for Anterior and Posterior Restorations
DVS Porcelain Tops – Save Time and Cost by Having D&S Mill Your Porcelain Tops for Bonding to Lava Copings. Excellent Esthetics and the Strength You Expect from Lava Crowns
Complete DVS Lava Crowns – Tell us how much work you want us to save you! Our experienced technicians will bond, stain, glaze, and sinter your DVS crown. All you have to do is send the finished restoration to your client.
Lava Ultimate Crowns – Reduced pricing available for 3M Authorized Design Centers.

3D Printing of Partial Frameworks

Bring the precision of digital design and production to your removables customers with printed RPD frameworks from D&S Dental Laboratory. Our CAD technicians can scan your model and design your framework, or send us your designs for fabrication. Turn times are one day for design, one day for printing.

D&S Lab to Lab services provides additional CAD/CAM services:

ZR Zirconia Coping
Utilize the strength of Zirconia at a slightly lower price
ZR Monolithic Zirconia Crown
These full-contour, solid, one-piece Zirconia crowns are excellent substitutes for metal on posterior applications. Your clients will appreciate the precise fit & price, while the patients will prefer the look over a full-cast crown
Reduced pricing available for 3M Authorized Design Centers.


Our talented technicians will wax, invest, and prep your metal copings before sending them to you for the finish work.

IPS Empress and e.max also available pressed and ready to finish.

Anatomical Wax-Ups

Utilize our technology to save time and money Send us your model, and we will scan, design, and print your wax-ups.