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Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment Options

You can choose to pay your bill by check or by credit card with built-in advantages for either option.

Cash Discount – Check Payments 

D&S Dental Laboratory offers a 3% discount on the current balance due if payment is received by check by the 10th of the month.

Credit Card Payments

We accept Visa®, Mastercard® or American Express®, allowing doctors to personally accrue cardholder benefits such as travel rewards or cash back.

Set up your account by sending your email to [email protected]. They’ll send you an email from to gain access to the Doctor Portal-Evident for Dentists. Talk with Accounting if you’d prefer to set up auto-payment by credit card each month.

Online Statements

You can also view your past invoices and monthly statements online and check if your case has arrived at the lab when you sign up for our Doctor Portal – Evident for Dentists. You can also elect to have monthly statements emailed to you. Contact [email protected].

Note: You can sign up to the Doctor Portal to view statements regardless of whether you choose to pay by credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Contact the D&S Accounting Team at 800.236.3859.