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CEREC Services

CEREC Services

Get the most out of your CEREC chairside scanner when you partner with D&S. As a CEREC laboratory, we’re ready to provide you with the services that best fit your practice. Upload scan files directly to us, and let our team of CAD/CAM experts move your case forward. MINIMUM 24-HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED.
Digital contour services: Rely on our expertise to digitally contour the ideal restoration from your scans. Our team can quickly and efficiently push back digital crowns for your in-office mill to fabricate.
Milling services: Let D&S digitally contour and fabricate your restoration with any one of our nine crown choices, freeing you or your staff from sintering.
Call us today with questions at 608-849-5343. MINIMUM 24-HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED. You will need the most recent versions of all CEREC-related software components.

Streamline CEREC Submissions

Saving D&S Dental Lab as a favorite in your CEREC scanner makes submitting files directly to our technicians merely a matter of a few clicks. Our step-by-step guide walks you through the process, or call 608-849-5343 to speak with one of our CAD/CAM technicians.